About Us

Why We Created the Andler Resource Group

We know personally how chronically understaffed and undercapitalized many nonprofits and small businesses are.

We know how difficult it can be to figure out how to allocate limited resources and what you should invest your money and staff time in first.

We know how tough it is to decide who should do what. Can a volunteer handle this or does it have to be a staff person? Should you contract this out or do it in-house? And who has two free seconds to supervise it anyway?

We know how it feels to not be able to hire someone with the level of expertise you really need, or to constantly have to make do without enough administrative support.

We know how aggravating it is to get sold on a “technological solution” no one on your staff really understands and is too complicated or expensive to learn how to use.

We know what it’s like to know you need to fundraise (or market your programs or fix your website or do more outreach), but have no time, staff or expertise to do it with.

We know how frustrating it is to bring in a consultant, but then have no way to follow their advice. Or to make a strategic plan and not be able to implement it.

We know all this because we have been in your shoes.


Not Just Another Consulting Firm

The Andler Resource Group is based on the radical notion that, aside from a major donor with a big pile of money he/she is just dying to give you, what most businesses and organizations need is more knowledgeable “hands on deck” to figure out what to do and then, make that happen.


So, we designed ARG to provide nonprofits, start-ups & mission-driven businesses with:

  • the expertise they need to go to the next level, but frequently can’t figure out how to afford.
  • the ability to “rent-a-pro” without having to blow the budget on his/her salary or hire them year-round.
  •  the skills, training and hands-on support  to execute the strategies we design together.  Actual implementation, not just advice.
  • an affordable way to develop the skills, knowledge,  and infrastructure to build capacity and sustain themselves long-term. This includes “training up” staff and volunteers so they will be able to maintain the systems we put in place and develop new ones.
  • the knowledge & experience they need to avoid costly mistakes and unsuccessful hires. For example, many EDs and small business owners are not experts in the areas of technology, marketing communications or development.  So how do they know which CRM system they should invest in or whether they need a CRM system at all at this stage of their growth?
  • help to break out of silo thinking and envision new ways to accomplish their goals, creatively use their staff and volunteers, and make the most of limited resources.
  • the practical support to  envision and launch social-benefit projects as quickly, creatively and cost-effectively as possible.


Next Steps

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