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Our Projects

At ARG, we believe that “We must be the change we want to see in the world.” To that end, a core component of our work is to develop & promote projects for the social good.



Portland Local

Portland Local is a “one stop” online guide to finding local & organic food in/around Portland, Oregon.

The rationale for Portland Local is that the more convenient it is for people to find and purchase safe, healthful, local food, the more likely they will do so. Conversely, the more difficult it is to locate and the more hassle it is to get, the more likely we all are to opt for what’s fast, easy and convenient.

By bringing together as many local food resources as possible on one site and organizing them geographically, the Andlers’ goal is to make it easier for Portland-area residents to make healthful, local food choices.

Launched in late 2011, the purpose of VillagePDX is to help jump start the process of creating multiple aging-in-place “villages” in Portland, Oregon, by using the Internet to identify and connect potential “village founders” and surveying prospective “village members” about what they would want from a village serving their neighborhood.

It is also intended to:

  • Help neighbors in other parts of the city connect with each other and begin the process of envisioning the villages they would like to found.
  • Develop a resource website for Portland “villages-in- development” which brings together village-related quotes, articles, videos, links & blogs, as well as a survey for assessing potential members’ needs & interests.
  • Provide a place for all the Portland Villages (which will someday exist) to share inspiration, tools, resources, marketing collaterals, bylaws, organizational designs, provider referrals, and the stories of their successes & challenges along the way.


Our Blogs

We have recently launched two blogs to complement each of our project websites

The Local Omnivore

The companion blog for Portland Local, The Local Omnivore is a vehicle for sharing information about food policy, food resources, and the merits and challenges of growing local, buying local, and eating local.

Independently Aging…….with friends!

The companion blog for, Independently Aging  provides Chana (the principal blogger) with the opportunity to reflect on the aging options currently available, and to champion better alternatives—whatever and wherever those may be.